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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day Two!

Okay, yesterday.. that amazing feeling.. lol.. left me about 4pm. My headache got pretty bad last night and the erg to eat was almost over whelming. Which is funny because I was NOT hungry! I slept poorly last night, because of my headache. So on too day two.

So far when I drink the shakeology I feel amazing for about an hour, FULL of energy almost like a rush. But it is only 150 calories when made with water and my body burns calories like a machine. :) So after that, just like when I crash in a workout, I am just out of fuel.

Yesterday My mother and I weighed in, and took measurements. So far I am down from 167.5 to 162.5 on just the first day. The bloat I had put on while sick is pretty much gone and my abs are back..

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