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Friday, January 11, 2013


This is our year… This our time… This is our defiant declaration that life is too short to watch from a distance …. It’s too fast to witness from afar… This year, we’re in the mix. We’re at the center. Up close and personal with everything that matters. This is the year we delete “tomorrow” from our vocabulary, erase “maybe” from our mind, and promise – once and for all – that our dreams deserve to breathe fire.

This is my anthem.

I will stop wondering and waiting.

I will stop tossing and turning.

I will put the breaks on everything that slows me down.

I will not second-guess my soul…

I will find my truth in the ugliest of corners and face my pain in the darkest of places.

I will hold hands with my fears and put my arms around the unknown…

I will live big. And bold. And brave.

And when I do stumble, I will wipe the dirt off my face, scrape the hate off my shoes, and lift myself above myself…

I will believe.