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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to train for racing!

I think from here I am going to mix it up a bit. P90X2 has been fantastic and I am going to be using a lot of these in my workouts. I am sure I will be doing a full round or rounds after Bike season is over. I am where I want to be with my body, (Yay!) Though I have padded up a little around my ab's again while I have been sick.

Hoping the Shakeology Cleanse I am starting Friday will take care of the extra water I am holding.. lol..

I think my workout week will look something like:
(My Lifting will be cut in Half, so 30 - 45min at the most - these are for maintenance)

Monday 3am: Chest and back / 4pm: Easy 30min spin on the bike - X2 Abs
Tuesday 3am: Recovery & Mobility / 3pm: 1 hour Intervals on the bike.
Wednesday 3am: Arms and Shoulders / 4pm: Easy 30min spin on the bike. (Active recovery)- X2 Abs
Thursday 3am: Recovery & Mobility / 3pm: 2 hour or 25 mile ride on my bike Medium Intensity.
Friday 3am: Yoga / 4pm: Easy 30min spin on the bike. (Active recovery)- X2 Abs
Saturday: 40 - 50 Mile Ride
Sunday: Foam Roller!!!

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